• Easy and simple operation panel with soft touch keys.
  • New worker can start working from day one with already stored parameters in optional IC tags.
  • Less shrinkage.
  • Equal weight of wax.
  • High production.
  • Strong machine for heavy production.
  • Reliable for production.
  • No retouch – no repair – no air bubble.
  • Auto start timer.


(1)Simple operation panel

PRIME X operation panel is very simple with soft touch keys for easy operation.


(2)Ultimate injection performance

PRIME X eliminates incomplete filling and flashes while reducing shrinkage.
Improved wax injection speed and accurate wax flow control ensures a high repeatability which is essential to maintain a constant wax weight and top quality results.


High quality wax pattern ensures perfect stone settings.


(3)Shooting by hands holding

You can purchase only PRIME X without clamp unit.
You will have much better result even by hand shooting.


(4)Optional tools

Wax shooters don’t have to consider and choose shooting recipe by using optional IC reader with IC tag in each rubber mold.



Power supply AC230V, 50/60Hz, single phase
Power consumption 0.48 kVA (max)
Compressed air supply 0.40- 0.70 (MPa)
Temp. display range 40-100 deg. C (104-212 deg.F)
Temp. set range 40-100 deg. C (104-212 deg.F)
VAC time set range 0-100 sec.
INJECTION time set range 0-600 sec.
Heat ON timer 6h-99h, every 0.5h
Wax capacity Approx. 3.5kgs
Accuracy of nozzle temp. ±0.2 deg. C
Injection pressure 10-250 kPa (1.45-36.3psi)
Clamp unit Option
Program memory stored 10
Foot switch for wax injection Included
Overall dimensions 523(W) ×373(D) ×543(H) mm
Demensions with optional X Clamp 523(W) ×522(D) ×543(H) mm
Net weight Approx. 25 kgs
Gross weight TBA


X Clamp Std. X Clamp Large
Compressed air supply Supplied from PRIME X
Max. rubber mold size 110(W)x130(D)x 50(H)mm 135(W)x150(D)x 80(H)mm
CLAMP pressure range 30-300 kPa (4.35-43.5psi)
FORWARD pressure range 35-250 kPa (5.08-36.3psi)
HOLD time range 0-300 sec
Dimensions 170(W) ×268(D) ×342(H) mm TBA
Net weight Approx. 7.0 kgs TBA
Gross weight TBA