RBF – Rotating Burnout Furnaces

RBF Series

Yasui RBF is our new solution for lost wax flask burnout process!

1. Touch display & Flask Calling System

You can set and operate easily with Touch Display.

Flask calling system makes us no need to open the door to check the flask.

2. Equal Flask Temperature Distribution

RBF Series enables flasks to be burnt out with ideal uniform temperature at every payt of turntables.

Minimum door size protects the internal air from the impact of the external air. 

3. After Burner for Environment / No Smell

the After Buner comes as a standard Feature of RBF series! 

4. Over Heat Protection System

You can watch the exact temperature with the trace function.

Even if it happens error of the sensor, Over Heat Protection System saves Stones in Flask.

If the machine continue to heat more than the Limit Tempreture, The Protection System forces the machine to turn off.

*You can set the LIMIT Temperature and the MARGIN Tempreture