Advantages of RBF37

Yasui RBF37 is our new solution for lost wax flask burnout process!

  • Uniform heating with minimum difference of temperature
  • Equal flask temperature distribution
  • Watch the exact temperature with the trace function
  • Touch display for easy setting and operation
  • Flask calling system -Set position- no need to open the door to check the flask
  • Recovering after electrical power blackout
  • Over heating protection system
  • Small door for less heat loss when open
  • After-burner for environment and no smell
  • New after-burner with longer life
  • Good clean burnout for investment flask
  • Carbon free flask with good burnout cycle
  • Good controlled temperature for wax setting
  • De-waxing during burnout



Advantages of RBF19

It is NOT ONLY an Advanced Casting Machine which produces a good quality castings, but also the other allied equipment used in the lost wax Casting process that contribute towards the result of the castings. The burnout furnace is a very important piece of equipment in any casting house. It is of utmost importance to have accurate temperature uniformly distributed throughout the entire chamber in order to get consistent results. Consider the following points and decide whether your existing burnout furnace is adequate for you:

  • Uniform heat distribution with all the flask
  • Clean burn out for all the investment flask
  • Carbon free investment flask with good burnout cycle
  • User friendly operation and stable good result
  • Minimal heat loss while opening the door
  • Can do platinum casting with 950 deg flask temperature
  • Delay timer
  • 20 – Program memories for different metal casting
  • Over heat protection system
  • Recover from power failure
  • No smell – less smoke – have after burner
  • De-waxing during burnout
  • New after-burner with longer life