K2NEXT – Vacuum Pressure Casting machine


NEXT vacuum pressure machine by YASUI is your next machine to create Quality.

Advantages of K2NEXT

1.OXY-Free After Mode

No metal leakage is necessary especially for stone set flask.

Yasui aftermode provides MINUMUM insert gas consumption to avoice oxidation with enough experience through our highest model VPC KT18 since 2006.


Gypsum generates Gas in metal contacting investment.
This can be causes of porosities or not filled through its gas remaining in the cast tree.

Yasui DeGas system provides optimum DeGas & its timing to minimize non-filled pieces in casting!

3.New Heating System

YASUI heating system casts faster and accurate temprature controling.

Thanks to New Yasui Heating system allows to melt the metal faster and with advanced thermal efficiency

Which never misses exact casting temperature

4.Vriable Heat

・Heat output control to minimized alloy evaporation

Zinc in alloy nea crucible starts to be melted just after start heating. And Zinc can be evaporated before mother metal start to be melted. This can be connect to increase of qurity of mother metal, whitch means loss… but K2NEXT solves this problem with Vriable Heat!

・Extra Mixing

Heat output becomes weakeer after metal is melted.Therefore, mixing power canbe weaker.

K2NEXT provides Extra Mixing switch for stronger mixing. this parameter (ON or OFF) is included in “RECIPE”.

Shot Maker SM1 (Option)

Always Start casting with OXY Free material

This Yasui uniquely-designed Shot making unit will allow to clean the re-used metal completely!

The clean and homogeneous shots(grain) made from this leads you to next perfect casting before introducing metal to the crucible.