Vacuum Centrifugal Casting machine

Vacuum Centrifugal Casting MachineVCC30A

Our VCC is specially designed for casting Platinum only.

  • Full auto mode – semi auto – and manual mode operation
  • Smooth surface and controlled loss
  • Good casting with filigree, light weight and heavy pieces
  • High performance servo motor
  • Double swing arm
  • Touch panel for easy setting and operational control
  • Thermal control with high accuracy
  • Self diagnosis

Check out our long-run VCC

  • The best of platinum casting result is to be obtained with well filling efficiency of metal by originally developed “Double Swing Arm” of YASUI Casting Machine.
  • Revolutions per minute ( r. p. m.) and acceleration of “Double Swing Arm” right after starting Casting Machine are so easy to control automatically with repeating consistency.
  • Accurate timing for casting can be achieved by Optical Thermal Control assuring thermal control with high accuracy.