• Easy and simple operation panel with soft touch keys.
  • New worker can start working from day one with already stored parameters in optional IC tags.
  • Less shrinkage.
  • Equal weight of wax.
  • High production.
  • Strong machine for heavy production.
  • Reliable for production.
  • No retouch – no repair – no air bubble.
  • Auto start timer.

Simple operation panel

PRIME X operation panel is very simple with soft touch keys for easy operation.

Ultimate injection performancech

PRIME X eliminates incomplete filling and flashes while reducing shrinkage.
Improved wax injection speed and accurate wax flow control ensures a high repeatability which is essential to maintain a constant wax weight and top quality results.

High quality wax pattern ensures perfect stone settings

Shooting by hands holding


Power supplyAC230V, 50/60Hz, single phase
Power consumption0.48 kVA (max)
Compressed air supply0.40- 0.70 (MPa)
Temp. display range40-100 deg. C (104-212 deg.F)
Temp. set range40-100 deg. C (104-212 deg.F)
VAC time set range0-100 sec.
INJECTION time set range0-600 sec.
Heat ON timer6h-99h, every 0.5h
Wax capacityApprox. 3.5kgs
Accuracy of nozzle temp.±0.2 deg. C
Injection pressure10-250 kPa (1.45-36.3psi)
Clamp unitOption
Program memory stored10
Foot switch for wax injectionIncluded
Overall dimensions523(W) ×373(D) ×543(H) mm
Demensions with optional X Clamp523(W) ×522(D) ×543(H) mm
Net weightApprox. 25 kgs
Gross weightTBA
 X Clamp Std.X Clamp Large
Compressed air supplySupplied from PRIME X
Max. rubber mold size110(W)x130(D)x 50(H)mm135(W)x150(D)x 80(H)mm
CLAMP pressure range30-300 kPa (4.35-43.5psi)
FORWARD pressure range35-250 kPa (5.08-36.3psi)
HOLD time range0-300 sec
Dimensions170(W) ×268(D) ×342(H) mmTBA
Net weightApprox. 7.0 kgsTBA
Gross weightTBA