About the order for carbon crucibles and stopper holder

Dear valued customer

Due to efficiency of order process, production and packing, we’d like to receive your purchase order for carbon crucibles and stoppers as following condition, starting on Aug.1st,2023.

Stopper holder

Minimum Order of 4 pcs, the order quantities to be multiple of 4.
For example, 4 pcs, 8 pcs, 12 pcs…not order for 3 pcs, 5pcs, or 10pc.

Pack for each 4 unit (Vacuum pack + bubble wrap)

25090700Stopper rod, flat (K2A-D, K3 series)
25090800Stopper rod, flat (KT17B~, KT18, K2E/S/NEXT)
25100110Stopper rod, round (K2A-D, K3 series)
25090410Stopper rod, round (KT17B~, KT18, K2E/S/NEXT)


Minimum Order of 2 pcs, the order quantities to be multiple of 2.
For example, 2 pcs, 4 pcs, 6 pcs…not order for 1 pc or 15 pcs.

Pack for each 2 unit (Bubble wrap only)

25006900Crucible-Inner, 8mm dia. hole (KT17/K2E–)
25105000Crucible-Inner, 8mm dia. hole (K2A-D/K3A-D)
25106000Crucible-Inner, One hole (SM1, SM2)
25006500Crucible-Inner, 10mm dia. hole (KT17/K2E–)
25152000Crucible-inner, graphite, φ65 (K3)

In case of inquiry please contact from CONTACT Form.

Thank you very much for yourunderstanding and corperation.